Without A Basement is a process of meditation and self-analysis, an attempt to understand the effects of personal experience on psychological development. Focusing on the formative adolescent years, a time of emerging sexuality, when self-image and personality are influenced by relationships between friends, lovers, parents, and authority figures, the photographs visit defining moments and emotions to question the experience of child transforming into an adult.

When we return to a place we once knew, we begin to revert back to the person we used to be when we lived in that place. Through the process of returning to my hometown multiple times over the period of a year, I create an atmosphere that allows me to reconnect to my past, drawing upon memories and feelings that may have been inconsequential at the time, but now seem to have had a lasting impact. With the careful casting of friends, family, and neighbors, each person embodies a projection of personal unconscious emotions and desires, creating ambiguity in the overlap between the subjects true self and the person or feeling that they embody in the photographs.